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Loop End Reins – Nylon

The Breeze Up Collection nylon web loop end reins are made from ultra high tensile polyester yarns and first-grade coating emulsions to ensure a high quality webbing that is both durable and easy to maintain. A small (safety) leather strap closes the stainless steel buckle at the rider end.

Nylon Race Bridle

The Breeze Up Collection web race bridle is manufactured from ultra-high tensile polyester yarns to ensure a high-quality webbing which remains durable yet easy to clean and maintain.

Buffalo Stirrup Leathers

Famous for durability the Breeze Up collection buffalo stirrup leathers are handmade using premium quality buffalo hide. Finished with easy to adjust rounded buckles that won?t cut into the leather over time.

Buckle End Reins – Full Grain

The Breeze Up Collection premium leather buckle end reins are made from the finest full grain leather, joined with a stainless steel buckle. Ideal for race day, high profile work mornings, hunting and other equestrian pursuits.

Grackle Noseband Synthetic

The Breeze Up Collection synthetic Grackle nose band is made from advanced co-polymer material designed to be both durable and easy to clean. This cross noseband comes with genuine sheepskin padding for added comfort and security.

Dual Layer Stirrup Leathers

The Breeze Up Collection dual layer stirrup layer stirrup leathers are made with a center core of strong nylon webbing. Sandwiched by two layers of soft leather and stitched to 1 inch wide stainless steel buckles.

Buckle End Reins – Synthetic

The Breeze Up Collection synthetic buckle reins are made using advanced co-polymer straps which are washable, supple and ultra-strong.

Synthetic Race Bridle

The Breeze Up Collection synthetic race exercise bridle is made using advanced co-polymer material which is washable, supple, light and ultra-strong. Stainless steel buckles for added security and a padded crown and browband ensure a comfortable fit.

Bungee Martingale

The Breeze Up Collection bungee martingale is made from the finest full grain leather with stainless steel clips and rubber bungee section. The bungee martingale is a clever training aid that encourages the horse to drop its head and work its hind quarters. Available in brown.

Jockey Training Stirrup

The wide, non-slip sole of the stirrup increases the safety and comfort of the jockey during training.

Bib Martingale – Synthetic

The Breeze Up Collection bib martingale is made from advanced synthetic co-polymer material designed to be both durable and easy to clean. A clip at the base of the bib facilitates quick removal if required. This martingale's versatile size adjustment allows it to fit both younger flat racing types, as well as older national hunt type horses. Available in black.

Australian Noseband

The Breeze Up Collection Australian noseband is made with flexible rubber. Available in Black, Orange or Brown, this racecourse approved noseband comes in one standard size suitable for both smaller and larger heads.