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V-Flex Bandage (Box of 18)

V-Flex cohesive bandages are popular with both veterinarians and equestrian professionals.V-Flex cohesive bandage are 10cm wide and 4.50m long. They are available in a choice of five colours, each sold in boxes of 18 units. These bandages are specially produced to bond to themselves but not to stick to skin or hair. Ideal for holding dressings and bandages in place, they are a staple for any yard medicine cabinet. You may receive stock in our old packaging.

Jabs Equi Bange (Gamgee)

Jabs Equibange Smooth rolls are made combining soft layers of non-woven/smooth material that covers absorbent cotton wool. These rolls offer high absorption and cushioned padding for leg support and wound management. Widely used by both in veterinary practices and busy professional equine yards, Jabs Equibange Smooth will both insulates and cushions wounds. Smooth: 3 meter x 30 cm (118 in x 11.8 in) - recommended for horse front leg. Smooth: 3 meter x 45 cm (118 in x 17.7 in) - recommended for horse hind leg

Jabs Cotton Wool 1kg

This cotton wool roll is interleaved with paper. Ideal for wound management.